• Pouchong (Bao Zhong)
  • Pouchong (Bao Zhong)
  • Pouchong (Bao Zhong)

Pouchong (Bao Zhong)


A very gently oxidised oolong from the Wen Shan region of Taiwan. Pouchong is the Cantonese name, and Bao Zhong the Mandarin, and the name means ‘wrapped kind’ because traditionally the tea leaves were wrapped in small parcels made from 2 pieces of paper and closed with the maker’s seal and name. An elegant tea, the sun withering and short oxidation result in a tea that is refreshing, floral and gently sweet. This tea is best brewed over multiple short infusions.

Ingredients || Premium Pouchong Tea

Warning, packed in an environment that contains nuts

Caffeine || Yes

Tasting Notes || Refreshing, floral and gently sweet

Brewing Notes || 2 teaspoon per cup, 85ºC, brew for 2 minutes.