• Peregrine Mountain 1st Flush
  • Peregrine Mountain 1st Flush
  • Peregrine Mountain 1st Flush

Peregrine Mountain 1st Flush


An exquisite 1st Flush black tea from the mountains of Yunnan (China), the birthplace of tea. Legend claims a young boy found a Peregrine Falcon, trapped in a snare laid by a local warlord. The bird spoke to the boy and promised if he set him free, he would lead him to a field of undiscovered tea. The boy duly set the Peregrine free and the bird led him to the field of tea, from which this rare tea is picked in the spring. The long, neat leaves have an abundance of golden buds. Expect dark raisin, plum, and caramel notes, a smooth body like silk, and a sweet aroma. I would recommend tasting without milk, but this tea is strong enough to add milk if you prefer.

"A beautiful leaf produces an interesting maple colour to the infusion. Wonderful aroma and characteristic, gentle Yunnan flavour. An easy drinker, delicate and well balanced."Great Taste Awards 2019 (2 Stars)


Ingredients || Luxury Black Tea (SFTGFOP Orthodox)

Warning, packed in an environment that contains nuts

Caffeine || Yes

Tasting Notes || A smooth body with notes of dark raisin, plum and caramel

Brewing Notes || 1 teaspoon per cup, 100ºC, brew for 3-4 minutes.


Customer Reviews

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G Jaju

Peregrine Mountain 1st Flush

Roger Sims

Peregrine mountain 1st Flush,a great afternoon tea, with sweet sticky cake,or a morning tea with toast and honey,order filled and sent promptly

Michael Buick
One of my absolute favourites


Craig Bushen
Amazing Tea, Fantastic Service.

Love this Peregrine tea, full of flavour but subtle enough not to overpower. A great tea to start the day. Team Tea consistently provide first class teas and infusion products with first class service. A friendly and highly ethical company, I have so much fun exploring their product range. I highly recommend!

Best Tea Ever

Looking for a replacement for Starbucks Tea and this fit the bill nicely. Golden caramel undertones with a strong black tea taste. Outstanding advice from the Team Tea crew, definitely know their teas and friendly and personable to boot. Regular buyer of this tea, I drink it from a Venti cup (600ml) with three heaped spoons of tea and skimmed milk, at least three times a day. Worth every penny!