• Hojicha

Hojicha Organic Green


An organic roasted green tea from Japan. Made from fine-quality Bancha grown in Kagoshima at Japan’s southern tip. The Bancha green tea is traditionally roasted in a porcelain pot, a process that reduces the caffeine in the tea leaves, making this tea a favourite in the evenings or after a meal as it is very palette cleansing. Quite different to many Japanese green teas, less vegetal and astringent, expect a spicy aroma of roasted nuts with a gentle caramel note. Enjoy hot or cold, we recommend multiple short infusions.

Ingredients || Premium Organic Green Tea

Warning, packed in an environment that contains nuts

Caffeine || Yes

Tasting Notes || Spicy aroma of roasted nuts with a gentle caramel note

Brewing Notes || 1 full tsp per cup and brew at 95°C for 1 minute.


Customer Reviews

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Delicious tea

Packed with flavour. Short step essential.

A superb and versatile hojicha.

This is a great tea.

It is traditional to play with brew time and temperature when preparing hojicha, as the extraction of catechins and theanine are altered by temperature especially.

With water at 95-90c, measured via probe, and a 1 minute brew time, this is satisfyingly roasty, full bodied, warming, and slightly vegetal.

Subsequent infusions, with at least 40s additional brew time, are noticeably sweeter, quite like sobacha. Not honeyed, but perhaps a touch of brown sugar comes through.

At a lower brew temperature of 85c from the off, again measured by probe in the same copper vessel, those campfire notes subside and live in the background, but gentle grassiness - without much astringency -- and an almost creamy character emerge. I find the tea most complex and intriguing brewed this way.

Especially for the price this is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys oxidised/darker oolongs, sobacha, or roasted teas.

John Cooper
Nice fullbodied green tea

I really enjoy Hojicha, as it tastes like a darker green tea, and seems to be close to an oolong as far as green teas go. It's still prominently green though, and I enjoy drinking this tea on its own; I haven't yet tried it with milk. It has a lot of grassy notes that I enjoy.