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GABA Oolong Organic


Oxidised in a nitrogen rich environment, this oolong is high in GABA, a chemical messenger that lowers stress, improves sleep and reduces anxiety! GABA teas must have at least 150mg per 100g of tea, that’s at least 25 times more than in traditional teas! Expect an amber liquor, spicy with notes of chestnuts, sour cherries and chocolate balanced with a caramel sweetness. This tea is perfect for a moment of calm after a busy day.

Ingredients || Organic Oolong Tea

Warning, packed in an environment that contains nuts

Caffeine || Yes

Tasting Notes || Spicy with notes of chestnuts, sour cherries and chocolate balanced with a caramel sweetness

Brewing Notes || 1 teaspoon per cup, 100ºC, brew for 2 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Michael Betney
Good tea

Quick delivery and great tea

Marco Filipe Viveiros
Very nice packaging

The fact that the tea as no disclaimer on how much gaba / caffeine has is something i dont how the company can say its high grade and not show numbers of these. It would be good to know what im i taking in and not just say: its high grade. How many companies claim high grade when in fact their worse then poor after tests?
This is something to think about…

Gaba Oolong

Im supper happy with my purchase of Gaba tea and the lovely tin and biodegradable packaging! Would thoroughly recommend.

Gaba oolong organic

Excellent+++taste and customer service 💠💠💠 thanks

Joanna Day
GABA Oolong tea

I'm on my second bag and absolutely love it. It's so refreshing and is my go to when I'm feeling anxious or stressed. Works every time!
I got the tin with my first order. It's lovely. And the delivery time was reasonable too 👍