• GABA Sencha Green
  • GABA Sencha Green

GABA Sencha Green


Oxidised in a nitrogen rich environment, this Organic Sencha from Shizuoka is high in GABA, a chemical messenger that lowers stress, improves sleep and reduces anxiety which seems pretty needed at the moment!  GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is naturally occurring in tea, but usually in concentrations of around 6mg per 100g of tea, however in the 1980s Dr. Tsushida discovered that by processing the leaves in a nitrogen-rich environment the concentration of GABA increases. Today GABA teas must have at least 150mg per 100g of tea, that’s at least 25 times more than in traditional teas! Picked from the Yabukita cultivar, expect the unmistakable notes of spinach, seaweed, and umami, but more buttery than a regular Sencha. Good for 3 infusions.

* This tea has recently been certified Organic, and we will update are labels soon.

Ingredients || Organic Green Tea

Warning, packed in an environment that contains nuts

Caffeine || Yes

Tasting Notes || Unmistakable notes of spinach, seaweed, and umami, but more buttery than a regular Sencha

Brewing Notes || 1 tsp per cup and brew at 75°C for 2 minutes.


Customer Reviews

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robert greenwood
Green tea with GABA

This gaba sencha does help in combating low mood. The same is
true of gaba oolong. In both cases I wouldn't drink more than
a third of a cup because the gaba effect gets too strong.
I'm not an expert on green tea, but I would say that the gaba
sencha has a slight grainy flavour, whereas an ordinary sencha
is mellow (and very slightly sweeter). As for gaba oolong, I
usually mix it with PG tips and add milk and sugar!

Roo H
an enjoyable cup

I have been enjoying this as my regular morning pot all this week. It has the typical 'gaba-y' taste that I think tastes a bit roast beefy, but not overwhelmingly so, and the nature of the sencha still comes through. Too early to say if it has any effects on wellbeing but I've certainly enjoyed it. Leaves stand up to a second brewing without getting spinachy.