• Spring 2012 Shu Puerh

Spring 2012 Shu Puerh


A delightfully mellow and earthy Shu (cooked) Puerh tea from Spring 2012 that has been pressed into minicakes and aged for 6 years. The ageing process develops and softens the flavours in the tea much like in red wine, resulting in a tea that is smooth and rounded. This tea is best enjoyed on its own, and if you haven't tried Puerh, this is a must. Use 1 cake per 2-person teapot, alternatively break cakes in half or thirds for single cups and gaiwans. Rinse in boiling water before first infusion. Can be infused up to 10 times, and the third infusion is often the best!

Ingredients || Puerh Tea

Warning, packed in an environment that contains nuts

Caffeine || Yes

Tasting Notes || Earthy, smooth and mellow

Brewing Notes || 100ºC, brew for 2 minutes